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High Quality Kigurumi

Counterfeit Kigurumi

PajamaHome provides the highest quality animal onesies for you to wear and enjoy, but not all onesies are made equally. You may find imitation Kigurumi that copy our Kigurumi designs but do not match our quality. Most of the fake kigurumi out there use thinner fabric and are poorly sewn, and will not last like our Kigurumi. 

See the Difference

The lack of quality in counterfeit Kigurumi is plainly visible. Note the difference in fabric, the stitching at the back of the hood, the dingy color, and the lack of symmetry, especially in the counterfeit giraffe - the poor cross-eyed thing.

  • Poor quality fabric
  • Lousy stitching
  • Dingy color
  • Asymmetrical face